“I smile much more now and I’m more confident. People look at my teeth for the right reasons now.”

My dentist referred me to Moor Park. My teeth weren’t terrible but some were worn and I had a partial denture, it clipped in and food got underneath - it was horrible. To get rid of the denture and to have fixed teeth I had 7 implants placed, gum surgery and then every tooth restored with all-ceramic restorations. It took 18 months and was quite involved but I am very pleased with the result, my teeth look great. My natural teeth were very small and stumpy and not very attractive so I opted for a process called crown lengthening to give me slightly longer teeth. This was an additional process but in the end really improved the results of the finished crowns.

Now my teeth look and feel like real teeth. They have a very natural shape and colour; they are white but not too white, you see people on the telly and you can tell they’ve have had their teeth done, but Stephen and Joe worked hard to give me the most natural smile possible.

I smile much more now and I am more confident, people look at my teeth for the right reasons not the wrong reasons, Stephen and Joe have made me feel like a VIP. My cousin’s husband is a dentist and he said my teeth were awful before but now when I see him he always says “I don’t think your teeth are good… they’re fantastic!”