Smile for Life

Moor Park Smile Centre is a place where smiling really matters. We understand the value of a beautiful smile and our aim is to bring patients a natural smile full of confidence.

Concerns about your smile can have a dramatic impact on your social and professional life. Stephen Franks, Steven Werb and Joe Bhat at Moor Park Smile Centre are a talented team of experienced dental professionals who are dedicated to perfecting your smile and improving your overall oral health with an extraordinary level of skill and expertise.

We offer all our patients a special blend of care and attention, constantly striving to understand their aspirations. Through an appreciation of your individual needs and desires we are able to deliver the smile that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

We like to think of Moor Park Smile Centre as more than a dental practice. We are a place where people’s lives can be changed forever. Using the combined skills of Stephen, Steven and Joe delivered with our own unique brand of care and attention to detail, Moor Park Smile Centre is a place where your dreams of a natural, confident smile can come true.